Who We Are (by Beth)

We are, first and foremost, a team. Both in life and in business.

We have three kids, and we spend every possible moment being with them. We do a lot of things as a family: kayaking,
camping, hiking, swimming, we go to museums, to the zoo, to the playground. We have taken trips to Manhattan, Boston,
Chicago, the woods of Vermont, the beaches of Maine. We cook together, play games, do art projects, and sometimes we
just hang out and talk. Basically we try to give our kids a lot of great experiences and a good solid base to grow from. (and
we take lots of pictures of them!!)

In business we each have our own specialities. I am the talker, Mike talks but mostly he stays in the background. I have
ideas and Mike helps me implement them, he's more technical and he fixes the things I break (lol!). When we are shooting
I do more posing, he does more of what's going on around me while I'm concentrating on working with my subjects.
We've been working together for more than 15 years so we understand, without speaking, what the other is doing and we
work well with each other.

We both graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in the early 90's, back before the Internet and way before
digital photography. Although we were not in the same class at school, we have the same background. We met the year
after I graduated (two years after Mike graduated). We both worked for other photographers for a while, and eventually
started taking jobs on our own. Once we starting doing our own work we began to develop our own style and after a
couple years we realized that we wanted to do things our own way. I had been working for a huge nationwide corporation,
doing literally tens of thousands of portraits of children each year. With that kind of volume there was no way to ensure
that every child had a truly great portrait (or even an acceptable one, really), and I could not live with that. I wanted to
treat my clients as people, to give each person I photographed the respect they deserved and photographs they loved as
much as I did. During that time I had also freelanced for a wedding studio, and again I felt like the studio's clients were not
getting what they deserved. I wanted to be able to get to know my clients, to form a relationship with them, and to be
there for them before, during, and after their wedding. Not to just show up on their wedding day with a generic list of
pictures to take, having never even spoken to them before. So I quit my job, stopped freelancing, and Mike and I opened
Generations Photography.

That was more than 10 years ago. We have come a long way since then. Digital photography has changed the way we
work. We have been fully digital since 2006, and we love it. We can shoot all day without worrying about running out of
film or taking too many pictures. Whether we are doing a wedding or a portrait sitting, we do the same things we have
always done; making sure we capture the traditional shots and events of the day. But digital allows us to do so much
more; we have fun and experiment with posing, lighting, and angles and we never hesitate to click the shutter if we see
something interesting. We take pictures of everything we see from Aunt Ethel shaking it on the dance floor with Uncle
Waldo to close ups of the cookies you had specially made for the Venetian Table. Children's portraits now include what the
kids do between poses, silly faces, close ups of their features, sometimes something as abstract as the way the light is
falling on their hair. Shooting digitally allows us to be more creative and less restricted by the though of how much film we
have left or how many proofs we are going to print (because with film every exposure, good bad or otherwise, was

Along with more freedom in shooting, digital has opened up the way we print photographs. Wedding albums are so much
more creative, flush mounted and press printed books allow us to incorporate all the detail and overall shots from your
wedding. Portraits can be made into affordable memory books, which become family treasures and are great gifts for
grandparents. We can make custom greeting cards, thank you cards, save the dates, stickers, dry erase boards, magnets,
trading cards, coffee cups (Mike's favorite!), the list goes on and on. We do slide shows, low res pics for Facebook, and
online proofing.

Going digital has not changed the high standard of quality we have always provided. We insist on being technically
proficient with our cameras, we rarely use "automatic" settings, preferring to have total control over every exposure. We
are skilled in Photoshop and do not retouch to the point of producing prints that look fake. We still use a professional lab
for all our printing and we offer only high quality wedding albums. We offer custom framing in house. Everything is
delivered to you as a finished product, ready to hang on your wall or display on your coffee table.

Most importantly, we treat you as more than just clients. To us, you are people.