Photography is an art and an investment. It gains more value as time goes by. I treasure my children's pictures more now than
when I took them, as they no longer look the way did even a year ago. My wedding pictures are the only way my children will
ever be able see their grandmother, to put a face with the name. We look back through our vacation pictures and remember
all the good times we've had as a family, and at the pictures from Pre-School Graduation or First Communions and realize
how far we've come. In short pictures, professional or not, are an important part of our lives.

Anyone can take a picture, especially today with cameras that are nearly fool proof as far as focus and exposure. The
difference between the pictures anyone takes and the pictures a professional photographer takes are more in how the
photographer works with the subjects, utilizes the light, knows how to be at the right place at the right time, and sees cropping
and angles. How the images are handled after the fact is just as important as how they were taken. Understanding how to get
the best colors in a print, what to retouch and what to leave natural, and how to design an album that flows well are vital to the
finished product. Using a professional lab and professional quality albums and frames makes the difference between "nice
pictures" and a work of art.

Hiring a professional photographer is a very personal choice. Each photographer's images are influenced by their personal
tastes, so it is important to choose someone whose work has the look and feel you are going for. It is also important to feel
comfortable with them as a person, if you enjoy their personality it will show in your images.

Hiring a photographer is also an investment. We provide you with images that you will cherish and products that will stand the
test of time.


Portrait sittings are done anywhere in Connecticut and include formal and casual poses.
We offer online proofing and printed proofs, finished prints, albums, cards, and much more.

Sittings start at $50.00.
Prints, albums, and other products are purchased separately.

Please call us at 860-628-2104 or
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Knowing how important professional photographs are is a driving force at Generations Photography. We strive to provide
every client with images they will treasure forever, and products that are the highest quality to showcase the images.

We offer wedding packages to fit most budgets and are happy to customize a package to suit your needs.

Our standard packages include engagement portraits, a full day of wedding photography with both Mike and Beth, online
proofing of all images, a custom designed Bride and Groom album, prints, and high res files of all your wedding pictures.
Packages start at $2150.00

Custom hourly packages are available for as few as two hours and include photography with the two of us and online proofing
of all images. Packages can be designed to include albums, prints, high res files, and much more.
Packages start at $450.00.

Please call us at 860-628-2104 or
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School and Sports Photography

We offer a wide variety of options for schools, daycares, and sports portraits, including competitive pricing, customizable
packaging, personalized products, student safety programs, and much more. Prices are based on the type of program you
choose and the products and services offered.

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Events and Commercial

Rates for events and commercial work are quoted based on the type of work needed, including photography and
post-production, and the format and usage of the final images.

Please call us at 860-628-2104 or
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