What we do

Our studio photographs weddings and special events, family and children's portraits, high school senior portraits, preschool
and daycare portraits, sports portraits, and commercial and corporate assignments. All photography is done on location,
anywhere in Connecticut.  

Wedding Photography

We want your wedding to be one of the most memorable days of your life, full of  romance, laughter, dancing, friends, and
family. We want you to enjoy it all, and have beautiful images to relive it again and again.

To accomplish this we start working with each client months before their wedding day. Engagement portrait sessions give
us a chance to work with you beforehand and to  begin to understand the style of images that you are looking for. We plan
where and when we will take formal photos, taking into consideration time constraints and ease of movement for the
people involved. We take the time to learn about your family and friends, to know who is important to you, who you would
like in group photos, and if there are any circumstances we should be aware of.
We talk to you extensively about how you
would like your day to feel and how you would like us to interact with your family and friends, allowing us to vary the amount of
direction we give depending on your preference. We know in advance what you are planing for your ceremony and reception so
we are prepared for each moment. Planning and preparation allows us to
customize our approach to suit your tastes, being
there when you want us and in the background when you'd like your space, doing more casual candid images or more
formal poses, and making sure your family and friends are comfortable having their pictures taken too.

On your wedding day Beth starts with the bride and Mike with the groom, doing candids of everyone getting ready. Once
everyone is ready to go we spend a few minutes doing some posed pics of each of you alone and with the people closest to
you. During the ceremony we stay in the background, unobtrusively capturing the entire ceremony. With both of us there it
is possible to get different angles and lighting styles simultaneously, without a lot of distracting moving around.  After the
ceremony we work together to photograph you with your family and friends, and set some time aside to work with just the
two of you. Although we keep the time we spend on formals to a minimum, we believe these images are very important to
capture on your wedding day, it is the only chance you will have to get them! Once we go into the reception we
concentrate on capturing what happens, without directing anything. With both of us there the entire time we are able to
photograph the main events from different angles, as well as what is going on in the background; the mother of the bride
tearily watching the bride dance with her dad, the groomsmen toasting at the bar, the flower girls playing together in the
corner. Throughout the entire day we are always looking for and photographing all the details you spent so long planning;
invitations and programs, your shoes and jewelry, the bouquets and table centerpieces, the espresso table and chocolate
fountain your guests raved about. These are the things that make your wedding truly unique, and tie it all together.

After your wedding we continue to work with you to design a one of a kind album, an album that reflects your personal
style and showcases your wedding photographs. We offer an extensive array of albums from traditional matted albums to
flush mounted albums and press printed books, in a variety of sizes and colors. You choose the style of album you would
like and the images you love the most, and we design the album for you. Because each of our albums is designed as a
custom work of art, without templates, we have total freedom and flexibility. We design each album here so we are able to  
customize it to be exactly the way you want it. Making changes or showing you more than one version of a page is never a
problem. The album we make for you will be exactly as you want it.

We want your wedding photography experience to be fantastic. Worry free and fun. We do everything on our power to
make sure that's exactly what it is.

Portrait Photography

I love photographing children, their expressions are so sincere and I just love it when I am able to capture “that face they
always make”!

My early portraiture years were spent in a traditional studio (”Sit here, say Cheese, Let’s see some teeth!”), and I still feel
that formal portraits are important. But having watched my own children grow and change has impacted the way I
photograph my clients’ children. There is so much more to children than just a proper pose and a toothy grin.

I love close ups of distinctly "baby" things- chubby fingers and toes, softly rounded cheeks, wide eyes.

With toddlers I like to get them "doing" something, because toddlers are
always "doing" something!

For older kids I do like a great natural smile, but I also love a more serious look. A look that says "there's more to me than
meets the eye".

Right now I am really into close ups of kid's faces, I love how you can see every freckle and how their eyes seem to look
right back at you.

The sittings I do now always include some formal poses, but I also make images that capture the personality of the child
and the little  things that you want to remember as they get older.

Family Portraits
Family portraits are an opportunity to capture your family at a particular time in your lives. They can be traditional, with a
background and formal posing, or they can be more casual using your home as the "background". We love to take families
outdoors,  to a location that means something to them personally or just somewhere that suits their personality. Here in
Connecticut we are fortunate to have so many wonderful locations within easy driving distance! We have lush gardens,
forests, waterfalls, and beaches. We are always happy to plan a sitting that is just right for your family.

Senior Portraits
Senior portraits are all about you. Whether you are into sports or music, or you just want beautiful portraits, we can
incorporate your interests into your sitting. Most of our Seniors are photographed outside, usually someplace that is special
to them. We will go anywhere in Connecticut, whether you want pics at the beach or the top of a mountain, with your dog
or your car, if your style is straight off the Red Carpet or should be in the next music video,  we’ll listen to what you want
and make it happen.  From traditional poses with a studio background to edgy "Downtown" images, we let you be you.
Check out our Senior Portrait slide show to see some of the things we've done for the class of 2011!